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Natasha Courtenay-Smith

ISBN 9780349417974

How to build an authoritative and authentic personal brand that will change your life.

Whether you are a solopreneur, expert or authority or an employee, what you are saying online has a huge impact.

Every professional niche is populated by its stars, those who have used digital, content creation, positioning and imaging to brand themselves and set themselves apart from their competition. Meanwhile, their competitors look at them with a mix of awe and envy. How, they wonder, has this person done this? How have they become so well known? Do they really know more than I do? And why is this person getting all the opportunities instead of me?

#StandOutOnline will show everyone from solopreneurs to mumpreneurs to executives, coaches and practitioners how to build a strong personal brand and become the visible expert and authority of their industry/niche. It will unravel how some are managing to stand out in their fields and reveal how you can do it too.

The book will feature some of the UK and America's most well-known individuals and ask them, 'How did you become so well known?' and, 'How did you shape your personal brand?' It will also explain how you can build your own personal brand using opinion, content, video and the internet.

#StandOutOnline will look at the highs and the lows, the tricks and the tips, the to-dos and not to-dos and the complicated interactions between expertise, reputation, authority, credibility, publicity, social media and the online tools of the modern world.






The Author

natasha-courtenay-smithNatasha Courtenay-Smith is an entrepreneur, digital strategist and business mentor. Her clients include celebrities, business owners, thought leaders, health practitioners, experts, and all round ambitious, talented individuals who want to build their brand online and become better known for what they do. Her first book The Million Dollar Blog was published in 2016.







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