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Done: The Secret Deals that are Changing Our World


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Done: The Secret Deals that are Changing Our World

Jacques Peretti

ISBN 9781473646407

What if the way we understand our world is wrong? What if it isn't politicians and events that shape our lives, but secret deals made by people you've never heard of?

This book tells the story of the secret deals that are changing the world, and revolutionizing everything we do, including money, the food we eat, what we buy and the drugs we take to stay well. These deals never make the news: they are made high up in boardrooms, on golf courses, and in luxury cars: each sealed by world-changing handshakes. This is the story of those handshakes.

The Author

Jacques PerettiAfter graduating from the London School of Economics, Jacques Peretti became an investigative journalist whose award-winning television series include The Men Who Made Us Fat, The Super Rich & Us, and Trillion Pound Island.





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