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To Siri With Love


To Siri with Love
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To Siri With Love

Judith Newman

ISBN 9781784298319

Writer Judith Newman never had any illusions that her family was 'normal'. She and her husband keep separate apartments – his filled with twin grand pianos as befits a former opera singer; hers filled with the clutter and chaos of twin adolescent boys conceived late in life. And one of those boys is Gus, her sweet, complicated, autistic 13-year-old.

With refreshing honesty, To Siri With Love chronicles one year in the life of Gus and the family around him -- a family with the same crazy ups and downs as any other. And at the heart of the book lies Gus's passionate friendship with Siri, Apple's 'intelligent personal assistant'. Unlike her human counterparts, Siri always has the right answers to Gus's incessant stream of questions about the intricacies of national rail schedules, or box turtle varieties, and she never runs out of patience. She always makes sure Gus enunciates and even teaches him manners by way of her warm yet polite tone and her programmed insistence on civility.

Equal parts funny and touching, this is a book that will make your heart brim, and then break it. Warm, wise and always honest, Judith Newman shows us a new world where artificial intelligence is beginning to meet emotional intelligence - a world that will shape our children in ways both wonderful and unexpected.

The Author

judith newmanJudith Newman is a journalist and author who writes about relationships, books, parenthood, science and popular culture. Her work has run in more than fifty publications, including the New York Times, Vanity Fair, Harper's, the Wall Street Journal, Allure (where she served as Contributing Editor) and Vogue. She is the author of the memoir You Make Me Feel Like an Unnatural Woman: The Diary of a New (Older) Mother (2004), and Parents from Hell: Unexpurgated Tales of Good Intentions Gone Awry (1995).





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