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Norton's Philosophical Memoirs


nortons philosophical memoirs
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Norton's Philosophical Memoirs

Håkan Nesser

ISBN 9781786699770

Now don't start getting ideas. I am not a philosopher. I'm a dog. But I look like a philosopher, they say, and I'm not sure the distinction is as great as you might think. I'm what is known as a Rhodesian Ridgeback. My forebears used to hunt lions in Africa, but I'm a modernized urban specimen. I don't hunt much of anything.

I was born somewhere on the plains west of Uppsala, Sweden. In the beginning I was blind and tumbled around with my siblings. We pooped and bit each other and nursed, and our mother — who I must admit was kind of a bitch — tried to raise us to the best of her ability. Without all that much success, I must say too.

When I was about two months old I was adopted. Two long-legged humans, a man and a woman, came and picked me up, loaded me in a car and drove into town. This is the story of the eleven years we spent together.

The Author

hakan nesserHåkan Nesser is a Swedish author and teacher who has written a number of successful books. He has won Best Swedish Crime Novel Award three times, and the Glass Key award in 2000. His books have been translated into more than twenty languages.






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