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Marrow: A Love Story

Marrow by Elizabeth Lesser

Marrow: A Love Story

Elizabeth Lesser

ISBN 9780062654304


What do you do when the world cracks you open? 


A visceral and profound memoir from the author of New York Times bestseller Broken Open - in Marrow Elizabeth Lesser learns she is a perfect donor match for her sister Maggie, who needs a bone marrow transplant to continue battling her cancer, a realization sets the two women on a quest for understanding, authenticity, acceptance, and - most of all - love.


What does it mean to live an authentic life? Before Elizabeth Lesser learns about the bone marrow transplant needed to help save her sister’s life, she struggled to understand how to be true to oneself, how to love openly, fully and without fear. But when she learns that she is the perfect donor match for Maggie, who needs the transplant to help cure her of the cancer threatening her life, Lesser is faced with deeper questions of connectivity and meaning.Before the transplant, the sisters embark on a conversation to dispel old assumptions and to clear the path to acceptance.


Their hope was that unconditional acceptance of one another would also clear the path for acceptance of Lesser’s blood cells into Maggie’s marrow.


Together, Lesser and Maggie find beauty and understanding as they dig deep into themselves to learn who they are, deep in their marrow.But life does not follow the storylines we plan for it. Maggie’s body ultimately does not get strong enough to fight the relentless illness, and so the sisters prepare for the inevitable, growing close in ways they never realized were possible.


Through Elizabeth and Maggie’s story, we see how a battle for life can also be an opportunity for profound spiritual growth. Tapping into the core of love in all its formslove of other, love of self, love of the world Marrow is a delectably written and insightful memoir about getting to the very center of ourselves.


The Author


Elizabeth Lesser is the co-founder of Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York, which offers conferences and workshops attended by twenty thousand people a year. Formerly a midwife, she attended Barnard College and San Francisco State University. The mother of three grown sons, she lives in the Hudson Valley with her husband. 




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This profound memoir traces the love between two sisters as they travel together through thickets of despair and hope, their bond deepening beneath the bone to the soul s marrow. Poets & Writers