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The Fifth Mrs Brink


The Fifth Mrs Brink
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The Fifth Mrs Brink

Karina M. Szczurek

ISBN 9781868428038

The Fifth Mrs Brink is Karina M. Szczurek’s memoir of her life before, during and after her marriage to André P. Brink. Polish-born Karina was twenty-seven when she met the acclaimed writer, forty-two years her senior, and they spent a decade together.

Here she chronicles their relationship, from their first encounter in Vienna, Austria, and moving across continents to be with each other, to finding calm and stability in their married life in Cape Town, and finally facing the challenges of André’s deteriorating health in the last year of his life.
This soul-baring account is also the story of two interwoven writing lives, Karina’s burgeoning and André’s in its final phase. It is a diary of creative dissolution and knitting back together, a homage to a marriage tragically cut short but also to a love to last a lifetime.

The Author

karina szczurekKarina Szczurek was born in Jelenia Góra, Poland, and lived in Austria, the United States and Wales, before finding a home in South Africa when she met and married the love of her life, author André P. Brink. She is a well-regarded editor, award-winning playwright and also writes short stories, book reviews, essays and poetry. Her first novel Invisible Others was published in 2014. Karina lives in Cape Town with her cat family, Glinka, Salieri and Mozart.




Reviews, News & Interviews:

If I wanted to truly take care of my and André’s stories, I had to find a home for them elsewhere. Karina Szczurek on writing The Fifth Mrs Brink

When Szczurek and Brink married, she was 29 and he 71. They shared 10 years of married life, never being apart, before he passed away on an aeroplane in 2015. The Johannesburg Review of Books