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Almost Human


Almost Human
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Almost Human

Lee Berger

ISBN 9781868428052

Almost Human is the personal story of a charismatic and visionary palaeontologist, a rich and readable narrative about science, exploration, and what it means to be human.

In 2013, Lee Berger caught wind of a cache of bones in a hard-to-reach underground cave near Johannesburg. He put out a call around the world for collaborators – men and women small and adventurous enough to be able to squeeze through 8-inch tunnels to reach a sunless cave 40 feet underground. With this team of ‘underground astronauts’, Berger made the discovery of a lifetime: hundreds of prehistoric bones, including entire skeletons of at least 15 individuals, all perhaps two million years old. Their features combined those of known pre-hominids with those more human than anything ever before seen in prehistoric remains. Berger's team had discovered an all new species: Homo naledi.

The cave proved to be the richest pre-hominid site ever discovered, full of implications that challenge how we define ourselves as human. Did these ancestors of ours bury their dead? If so, they must have had an awareness of death, a level of self-knowledge: the very characteristic we used to define ourselves as human. Did an equally advanced species inhabit Earth with us, or before us? Addressing these questions, Berger counters the arguments of those colleagues who have questioned his controversial interpretations and astounding finds.


The Author

Lee BergerLee Berger is Research Professor in Human Origins and the Public Understanding of Science at Wits University and a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence. Berger is the author of more than 200 scholarly and popular works. His research has been featured three times on the cover of Science and has been named among the top 100 science stories of the year by Time, Scientific American and Discover magazine on numerous occasions.

Berger has appeared in many television documentaries and widely on television and radio, including NPR's Talk of the Nation.






Reviews, News & Interviews:

Scientists have announced the discovery of a new Homo naledi skeleton, Neo, & a new chamber in the Rising Star cave system. Watch the video on EWN

Berger also announced the discovery of a second chamber in the Homo naledi complex in the Cradle of Humankind, called the Rising Star cave system. Gareth Van Niekerk, News 24

Expect the unexpected, goes the saying. John McNabb, News Week