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Killer Intent


killer intent
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Killer Intent

Tony Kent

ISBN 9781783963751

When an attempted assassination sparks a chain reaction of explosive events across London, Britain’s elite security forces seem powerless to stop the chaos threatening to overwhelm the government.

As the dark and deadly conspiracy unfolds, three strangers find their fates entwined: Joe Dempsey, a deadly military intelligence officer; Sarah Truman, a CNN reporter determined to get her headline; and Michael Devlin, a Belfast-born criminal barrister with a secret past.

As the circle of those they can trust grows ever smaller, Dempsey, Devlin and Truman are forced to work in the shadows, caught in a life-or-death race against the clock, before the terrible plot can consume them all.

The Author

Tony KentTony Kent grew up in a close-knit Irish family in London and studied English Law in Scotland, He is a top-ranked criminal barrister and a former champion boxer, a rare - if not unique - combination which helps him to bring a wealth of experience, detail and personal insight to his novels.

A regular at London's Old Bailey, Tony's professional case history includes defending many high-profile, nationally reported trials, with his particular specialisation being the most serious crimes such as murder, kidnap, firearms, robbery and extortion.

Before his legal career, Tony boxed internationally as a heavyweight and won a host of national amateur titles. He is based in London.






Reviews, News & Interviews:

Killer Intent is not only considered but cleverly layered, unpredictable and best of all really great fun to read… My advice: Put it on your “must have” list for January. Liz Loves Books

A perfectly plotted blockbuster of a book with killer intent. Imran Mahmood, author of You Don’t Know Me